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Domestic Abuse

What is domestic abuse? 

Domestic abuse is a form of bullying which can be presented in a pattern of incidents or even as a one-off incident. 
Men women and children can be affected by domestic violence.


This can include:

  • Been accused of not being faithful to your relationship

  • You aren’t allowed to be in control of your finances

  • Clothing is only of the offenders choice

  • Belittles you in front of other people

  • Offender checks all your messages and emails

  • Ruins your social circle so you have no contact with the outside world

  • The offender makes threats of harm

  • Physical violence such as hitting, biting

  • Offender threatens with weapons to use on the victim

  • They compare victim with others

  • Makes criticising remarks to affect the victims' mental health and thought process

  • Mental abuse name-calling and making you believe everything is the victims' fault

Here are some effects that domestic abuse can have on children?

  • Difficulty going to sleep and not been able to stay in a routine

  • Nightmares and flashbacks of incidents that have taken place

  • They may complain of physical effects like stomach ache or headaches

  • Issues can start to arise at school

  • Eating disorders or substance abuse

  • Start to wet the bed

  • Lead to anger issues themselves


Here are some effects can domestic abuse can have on adults?

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Thoughts of suicide as a way of escape

  • Mental health issues

  • Substance abuse

  • Isolation

  • Eating disorders

  • Sleep can be effected

  • Nightmares and flashback of incidents

  • Physical marks



What help and support can HAB offer you?

  • Get you in touch with a counselor and cover all costs {adults or children}

  • Put you in touch with companies that can help you move forward

  • Support with meetings with the council to get you accommodation

  • We can attend meetings at your child/children’s school to support and help explain your situation. This can also be done with your workplace if you are employed.

  • Put your touch with organisations that may be able to help with furnishings or clothes that you need



How can you contact us?

  • Through this webpage

  • On Facebook

  • Call or text our mobile number


We know reaching out for help can be hard but we’re here. We will always support you in confidence.

Below are some links of other organisations that can help.

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