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We offer help, advice, and support to anyone who is going through bullying and the effects bullying can cause, regardless of where you live in the UK, and even further afield. 
HAB assist and attend meetings with parents and individuals in schools and the workplace. 
The team delivers activity sessions and talks on antibullying, and safety online within schools, after school clubs and Organisations, free of charge. 

 At HAB-Antibullying, we fundraise as much as we can all year round. 



Our counselling grants are available to anyone in the Market Harborough district and with discretion may also be offered to individuals outside of the district. 

We currently refer and pay eight independent counsellors, and they work face to face or online.

Counselling grants are for anyone going through bullying or the effects bullying can cause, regardless of age. We now also offer counselling for mental health, bereavement and domestic abuse.

Each grant covers all counselling sessions and is paid directly to the counsellor from HAB-Antibullying. 

Please contact us and we can give you the information needed to apply.

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