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Relaxing Massage

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Massage Therapy Market Harborough

Massage therapy is a safe and effective treatment for women of all ages and can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being, whether you have a specific health condition or are looking for stress relief.

Massage therapy is now considered an important tool in promoting mental and physical health and is increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical and mental health conditions.

(Female only services offered

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   The Massage Boutique Market Harborough Female Only Massage Therapy

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is great for fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression, insomnia and pain/muscle relief.

Using heated flat stones to massage, in a similar pattern to Swedish Massage. The stones are placed on the 7 energy points of the body, to promote healing and relaxation.


Swedish spa massage involves soft manipulation to aid circulation, promoting relaxation and helping repair muscles.
This massage technique is ideal for anxiety/depression, insomnia and pain/muscle relief.

Swedish SPA Massage

Indian Head Massage

An Indian Head Massage works on the acupressure points of the head, neck and shoulder. A practice used in Indian culture for thousands of years to promote hair growth and wellbeing.

Working on the energy points of your body to restore healing and rebalance. Great for physical and emotional stress, muscle tension and sinusitis to name a few.


More than just a foot massage! Focusing on the meridian lines of the foot, with a thumb crawling motion.
Each foot will have every nerve ending stimulated, with this practice which dates back for thousands of years!



Tropic Facial

A tailor-made facial for your specific skin concerns using Tropic skincare.
Including a neck, shoulders and scalp massage. Bliss!


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