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New apartment


All donations are appreciated. We are always on the search for raffle prizes & tombola prizes to make our events fun.

Wrapping paper as we use this at all our events & we can never have enough.

One monetary donation or continuous payment can be made via our bank & are very much appreciated 


Harborough against bullying 



Every pound helps 

Thank you 


Using the link above will give you access to items the charity could make use of. By making a purchase this helps us to use funds we have to focus on grants. Items on this wish list range in  raffle prizes , tombola prizes and also items we find useful to run the charity. Any gift is appreciated and will make a huge difference. 

Thank you



Sign up 

£1 per ticket

That's right, unlike many other lotteries, our lottery tickets are only £1 per week.

Choose HAB to support & we will receive a donation while you are in with a chance to win.


Easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 brands who will donate part of what you spend to a cause of your choice. It won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.

Easy to sign up just select HAB shop online while helping us raise money at no charge to yourself.


Own a business or part of a school or even a youth club! 

Why not have some fun while helping us raise funds we can provide posters for you to use. Simply pick a date let people know and then they come in that day the wild way with as crazy as they can get hair. Let them be themselves and get creative while paying £1 to help support HAB. Want more details get in touch.

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